Apricot raspberries - a real pleasure!

Apricot raspberries - a real pleasure!

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Everyone loves raspberries. The raspberry bushes themselves are quite decorative, and the berries are beautiful, healthy and fragrant.

Description of the variety

Every year modern agrotechnical science offers gardeners more and more new varieties of this wonderful berry. One of them is apricot remontant raspberry. The second harvest ripens in early autumn. Raspberries of this variety are conical in shape, and their distinctive feature is an unusual rare color of apricot-yellow color with a slight pink tint. And the apricot taste of these amber berries will delight even the most experienced gardeners. From mid-summer until frost, you will harvest raspberries with apricot flavor, and the number of berries from one bush will pleasantly surprise you - up to 4 kg! And kids will undoubtedly appreciate the absence of thorns in the upper part of the bush, which will make picking berries more comfortable.

The benefits of raspberries

Everyone knows the beneficial properties of raspberries. Apricot raspberries are no exception. Its fruits contain sugars, essential oils, proteins, catechins. Raspberry leaves and shoots are also beneficial. And what kind of jam is obtained from apricot raspberries - amber-yellow, transparent, with a pleasant shade of apricot taste. Try it!

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