Tomatoes Black Prince - a delicacy in your garden

Tomatoes Black Prince - a delicacy in your garden

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The Black Prince tomato variety is recognized by summer residents and gardeners as the best option with good yields at the lowest cost of caring for them. The fruits of this variety ripen very quickly; they are large, bright and weighty; the height of the bush is within the average norm.


  • Seedling planting rules
  • Fertilizing and feeding bushes
  • Properties and characteristics of the variety
  • Features of cultivation

Seedling planting rules

The seedlings of these tomatoes must be planted correctly: the rows should be at a distance of one meter from each other and half a meter - directly the tomato bushes. Be sure to fertilize the land with manure or humus. It is possible for the subsequent garter of tomato bushes along a row, about two meters later, drive in stakes, onto which a strong wire is subsequently pulled. The garter is attached to it.

Before planting seedlings, it is worth cutting off the excess leaves, leaving only about 3 to 4 top ones. Do not shake off the soil from the root, plant it out of the cup with the soil. The hole should be for the volume of the root. Cover the planted stem with earth to the top sheets.

After all the cups are planted, you need to water them well. The Black Prince variety requires a lot of moisture and good watering. It is advisable to additionally mulch the soil from above with manure (but not fresh) or humus of leaves or sawdust.

If the Black Prince Tomatoes are planted in this way, then you do not bear the risk of disrupting the root system, the plants are not injured during transplantation, the plants will quickly grow, thanks to the additionally sprouted roots.

Fertilizing and feeding bushes

A layer of applied mulch protects the roots from overheating, drying out, and also such an environment is favorable for breeding earthworms, which have a beneficial effect on the earth, loosening it. The very composition of the mulch, gradually rotting, enriches the earth with minerals and nutrients. This extra layer perfectly protects the tomatoes from crusting on the ground near the root.

Mulching is a great find for gardeners and gardeners and their experienced representatives have been using it for a long time.

Black Prince tomatoes need to be fed frequently and regularly. This is about once every two weeks. For feeding, again, manure is perfect in proportion: a bucket of manure for one barrel of water. It is necessary to insist this fertilizer before use for about a day. For each tomato bush, 1-2 liters are consumed, depending on the size and degree of overgrowth. It is necessary to start feeding during the flowering period of the bushes.

Properties and characteristics of the variety

This amazing tomato variety is distinguished by its bright dark red color and unique taste. They are added both to a salad and used simply as a delicacy.

The fruits of the Black Prince tomato weigh up to 450 grams, and the bush itself can be up to 2.5 meters long, so they must be tied up. The height of the tied bush should be such that you can reach it yourself.

Seeds of this variety are not so common in agricultural stores, but you can buy them on the Internet. It is advisable to purchase ready-made tomato seedlings from summer residents who grow this variety themselves: this way you can be sure that the plant will have strong immunity, which will help it fight harmful microflora that lives on weak plants.

This tomato variety should be planted at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other varieties, ensuring its growth and development in a "monoculture", avoiding over-pollination of varieties.

The black prince was bred for a long time, so lovers of healthy food should not be afraid that this variety is genetically modified. The Black Moor, as well as some of the newer varieties, also have a deep red color, however these varieties should not be confused with the Black Prince, as they are bred in China and are a miracle of genetic engineering.

Features of cultivation

A feature of the tomato variety is that it sprouts much less often and longer than other varieties. Before planting in the soil, bushes with a formed crown in seedling containers should be outside for about two weeks. The bud for a Black Prince tomato should be made of earth and a small content of sand, humus and wood ash.

Important: wood ash should be added to the soil in the fall, so that in the spring, by the time the tomato is planted, it is neutralized and does not burn the roots. If you did not manage to do this in the fall, it is better to do without ash, but after a while after planting them, pour it with an ash hood.

Preparing this hood is very simple: for 10 liters of water, one glass (required) of sifted ash. Insist for a day, stirring constantly. Immediately before watering, pass the liquid through a thick layer of gauze.

If all the necessary conditions are met, the first fruits will appear about three months after planting. This should happen somewhere in early July. You will receive such long-awaited fleshy and bright fruits that will please all members of your family.

Black Prince tomatoes are perfect for eating raw, in salads, and for seaming. Each housewife will appreciate its quality and taste.

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