Echinocystis: beautiful, but "crazy" landscape decoration

Echinocystis: beautiful, but

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Everyone, for sure, from childhood is familiar with such an interesting plant as a mad cucumber. This name is composed of two words that fully reveal the essence of the plant - "cystis" in Latin means a ball or bubble, and "echinos" - a hedgehog. And why a cucumber, and even mad?

The Echinocystis plant itself resembles cucumbers or pumpkins in its appearance, when it grows, clinging to the support with its antennae. This plant and leaves are similar to cucumber and tendrils. But unlike cucumber, Echinocystis blooms with abundant medium-sized flowers, collected in inflorescences, which have a delicate pleasant aroma that attracts bees.

Why is the cucumber mad? Yes, because this plant takes care of its children - seeds, like an abnormal mother: they must survive and live, occupying the best places. Therefore, when the seeds are ripe, the plant "explodes" even at the slightest touch, scattering them for several meters around.

Echinocystis is perceived by many gardeners as an annoying weed. But it can serve as a real decoration if you put it near the gazebo, for example. Its soft green large leaves will create a cozy translucent partial shade from the sun, gentle synergies will fill the air with a delicate aroma. Naturally, you will have to monitor the spread of this plant, removing either not yet ripe fruits, or already germinated young growth. but after all, every plant that serves a person requires at least a little supervision and maintenance.

Try to grow Echinocystis "mad cucumber" on your plot, perhaps. it will give you and your family a lot of funny memories.

Good luck!

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