Greenhouse cucumbers. Varieties and care

Greenhouse cucumbers. Varieties and care

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Cucumbers are different: small and large, early and late, salad and pickled, lumpy and smooth-fruited ... The list can be continued in other parameters, but we'll talk about greenhouse cucumbers. Why are they in demand among many gardeners.

Many grow these vegetables in greenhouses to get an early harvest. Having good greenhouses, you can eat fresh cucumbers almost all year round, having properly organized the care and choosing the right seeds.

Cucumber varieties for greenhouses are divided into winter-spring, spring-summer and summer-autumn. Each of these groups is also divided into early maturing, mid-maturing and late-maturing, bee-pollinated and parthenocarpic. The latter were just created for growing in closed conditions, where there is no constant access to insects. The early varieties are usually of the salad type. They are tasty, but they do not give such a large yield, moreover, they are more often subject to various diseases. Some varieties require large, spacious greenhouses (Dynamite F1) due to the constant growth and formation of ovaries, others need artificial pollination, and still others need good heating.

Cucumbers are quite picky about conditions. To get a good harvest, you need to use a sufficiently fertile soil with a high humus content or special mixtures. Choose varieties and hybrids specially bred for our conditions. After all, the best Dutch variety can lose to the domestic one only because it has different requirements for soil, climate, diseases and pests.

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