Peking cabbage varieties

Peking cabbage varieties

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Peking cabbage belongs to the Cabbage family and is a vegetable crop. It is a biennial plant, but in culture it is used as an annual.

There are various varieties of Peking cabbage, although previously there was only one. Heads of cabbage from Peking cabbage are barrel-shaped, they are very well stored and have a good density.

Peking cabbage varieties are very diverse. Several types can be imagined. The glass is a variety of Peking cabbage that is used fresh. The variety is mid-season, it takes 70 days to ripen. The head of cabbage in this cabbage is of medium size, closed, the weight can reach 2 kg.

The Nika variety is a late-ripening hybrid of Peking cabbage. This variety is suitable for use for fermentation, fresh, as well as for short-term storage. The period until maturation is 70 days. The head of cabbage has a broadly elliptical shape, it is dense and weighs up to 3 kg.

The Monument variety is a typical Peking cabbage and matures in about 70 days. The head of cabbage has an elliptical shape, weighing up to 3.5 kg. The yield of this variety is very high.

The vesnianka variety is early maturing. It is a leafy variety of Chinese cabbage. It is used fresh. The maturity period begins after 35 days. The central vein is very juicy, and the leaves are without drooping. Fruit weight reaches 250 grams, the variety is very resistant to flowering. The fruits are high in vitamin C.

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