Why pinch cucumbers?

 Why pinch cucumbers?

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Pinching cucumbers is an important agricultural technique, which is designed to contribute not only to the formation of the correct shape of the bush, but to increase the yield of this agricultural crop.

Increase in yield
The main reason for forcing gardeners to practice pinching cucumbers lies in the specific feature of this plant: to lay mainly barren flowers (male flowers) on the main stem. And to get a harvest of cucumbers, female flowers must form, and they appear mainly on the lateral shoots. In most varieties, the development of lateral shoots can be achieved exclusively by pinching the main stem. In addition, an increase in the lashes of one bush significantly increases the amount of yield per plant.

Bush formation
In addition, pinching the cucumbers helps to shape the plant in accordance with its growing conditions. So for small areas (for example, greenhouses), thinning of foliage plays an important role, which avoids excessive shading and improves air circulation. But you should not get carried away with such thinning, since the leaves of the plant are necessary for normal nutrition. It is also undesirable to remove the mustache, moreover, their presence or absence does not in any way affect the final amount of the crop.

However, breaking any tissue, for example pinching cucumbers, can pose a threat to the health of the plant (an infection can get into the wounds). Therefore, in order to avoid contamination of cucumbers when removing leaves that shade the rows or when pinching the stems, it is advisable to disinfect the wounds by sprinkling the breaks with chopped charcoal. Also, take the time to wash your hands before starting the trimming, pinching or garter procedure.

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