Repaired raspberries in the photo. Features of its cultivation

Repaired raspberries in the photo. Features of its cultivation

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I have been growing remontant strawberries for a long time, sowing them at home in December, then in May I plant seedlings in the garden and this summer I take off the first harvest. I began to collect material for her cultivation, and that's what I found out. Firstly, it manages to grow and give a harvest in one season, while ordinary raspberries in the first year give shoots that must overwinter, and only then will they yield a harvest.

Secondly, remontant raspberries, even under the snow, leave with berries. Fruiting branches in the spring are simply cut off at soil level and destroyed. It is practically not affected by pests, since the pests of ordinary raspberries cannot in any way be reconstructed for a one-year development cycle. Thirdly, remontant raspberries do not need to be covered for the winter, they do not freeze. Those branches that have fruited that remain for the winter will be removed in the spring, and there is nothing else to freeze. Growing remontant raspberries, you can have fresh berries for 1.5-2 months over the summer.

Another advantage of remontant varieties is the small number of shoots and offspring, while ordinary raspberries, like a weed, spread throughout the entire plot. In fairness, it should be noted that the paucity of shoots makes reproduction difficult. In addition, remontant varieties are more demanding in terms of lighting, soil nutrition, warmth and moisture. This comparison is very similar to the comparison between regular and remontant strawberries. The same disadvantages, the same advantages, and there are clearly more of the latter. And why then do I see remontant raspberries only in photographs? I will definitely buy some seedlings this year and try to grow them.

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