How to feed tomato seedlings

How to feed tomato seedlings

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The hot season has come for all summer residents, regardless of their area of ​​residence. Many horticultural crops have to be planted in the ground with seedlings, this also applies to tomatoes.

To the question: “How to feed tomato seedlings?”, I will give an answer, using the experience of my mother - she is an experienced summer resident who not only grows seedlings for herself, but also to sell 3000 roots! She has already transported her seedlings to a heated greenhouse, carefully closes it at night, but does not plant it yet.

She begins to feed the seedlings from the moment the leaves are "baptized", but the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, because you can get a good green mass, but there will be no fruit. If the leaves are dark green in color, and the stems are dense, with a purple tint, then feeding is not needed at an early stage.

When the seedlings grow for a long time on the window in a small amount of soil and fertilizing, the leaves from below begin to turn yellow and crumble, this indicates that the tomatoes lack nitrogen, which is transferred from the lower leaves to the upper ones. (Attention! With an excess of nitrogen, all leaves turn yellow.)

If the plant lacks phosphorus, then on the underside of the leaves, their veins, stems turn purple.

Lack of potassium, which tomatoes need in large quantities, is manifested by wrinkling of young leaves, and later - by uneven ripening of fruits.

Chlorosis, or in other words, a lack of iron, can manifest itself in tomatoes that are around the clock in a lighted room, and after all, we also know from biology that the main growth and processing of nutrients occurs at night. In this case, spray the leaves with a weak (0.1-0.5%) hypotonic solution.

In general, tomatoes love top dressing. The first one - do it 10 days after the pick. The second, two weeks later, and so on, until the seedlings are planted in the ground. How to feed tomato seedlings, each housewife chooses for herself. It can be complex fertilizers, of which there are many on sale now, or it can be a solution of superphosphate, potassium sulfate, urea per 10 liters in 35-12-4 grams. Remember to water the seedlings before feeding.

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