Garlic planter and growing

Garlic planter and growing

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A planter for garlic is mainly needed if you decide to grow it in large quantities. It can also be used for planting small tubers of potatoes, saffron, onions.

The garlic planter provides maximum planting precision and high yields. The principle of its operation is quite simple, so the planter plants seeds to the required depth and in the right amount.

Garlic and its cultivation in a summer cottage

Garlic is an annual plant that reproduces vegetatively (mainly by cloves). Before planting garlic, decide on its type. Sometimes garlic does not give arrows and forms them.

As for care, it consists in loosening the beds, removing weeds and mulching. Do not forget to regularly break off the arrows. Harvesting is necessary after the leaves turn yellow.

By the way, there is also a manual garlic planter. It can be made from any pipe, and it consists of the following parts: funnel, seed tube, movable dividing hole and opening mechanism. A do-it-yourself garlic planter will greatly facilitate the planting process.

Despite the fact that growing garlic is relatively simple, provided all requirements are met, it is also necessary to store it correctly in the cellar or other visit. The collected bulbs must be thoroughly dried, making sure that the sun's rays do not fall on it. They can darken the garlic.

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