Possible reasons why leaves turn yellow in anthurium and methods of struggle

Possible reasons why leaves turn yellow in anthurium and methods of struggle

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Anthurium is an ornamental deciduous plant with beautiful red, pink or white flowers. It can be grown at home, but the necessary conditions should be provided for this. Why is this happening and what to do?


  • Description of the plant
  • Features of anthurium care
  • How to grow anthurium
  • Possible growing problems

Description of the plant

Anthurium is an epiphytic plant of the Aroid family. The leaves of the plant are leathery of medium size, can be whole or dissected, monochromatic or patterned, depending on the plant variety. There are a large number of anthurium species, which differ in their appearance, varied leaf shape and a wide range of colors:

  • Anthurium Baker
  • Anthurium majestic
  • Anthurium climbing
  • Hooker's Anthurium
  • Crystal anthurium
  • Scherzer's Anthurium

The plant can reach a height of 0.8-1 meters. The stem is shortened and has numerous roots. The leaves can be up to 40 cm long and 15-20 cm wide. The inflorescence is in the form of an ear and can have a conical, spherical, club-shaped structure. The ear can be white or yellow, and the color of the leathery bedspread is from white to dark crimson. The plant can bloom all year round under normal lighting conditions.

Features of anthurium care

The anthurium pot should be placed on the east or west side of the window. In such a place, the plant will have enough diffused light. You can place the pot on the south side, however, if direct sunlight hits the leaves, it is recommended to hang the glass.

For the normal development of the plant, the temperature in the room should be in the range of 22-28 degrees. It should be remembered that anthurium does not tolerate drafts and temperature drops. During the growing season, watering is carried out abundantly.

It should be watered with settled and soft water. It is important not to overmoisten the substrate, as the roots may start to rot. If water remains in the pan, then it should be drained immediately. Anthurium needs high humidity, so you should periodically spray the plant, wipe the leaves with a damp sponge. When spraying, it is necessary to ensure that water does not get on the flowers, otherwise they will wilt.

Anthurium should not be forgotten to feed. It is recommended to apply fertilizers in spring and summer, every 20 days. Mineral dressing must be diluted with water. The plant tolerates foliar feeding well. In the autumn, it is useful to feed with organic fertilizers - bird droppings or leaf humus, rotted manure.

How to grow anthurium

After purchase, the plant is recommended to be transplanted into a new pot. Better to use a plastic or glass pot. It is imperative to lay a drainage layer at the bottom of the container, and then fill up the fertile soil. You can buy special soil in the store or prepare it yourself.

To do this, take one part of peat, leaf and coniferous land and Ѕ part of sand. You can add a little crushed charcoal to the soil mixture.

This contributes to the disinfection of the soil. When transplanting a plant into a permanent container, you need to carefully remove and inspect the root system. If there are rotten and injured roots, they must be carefully removed. Then it should be sprayed with phytolavin solution. The transplant is best done in the spring.

If the plant is adult, then it should be transplanted every 2-3 years. Every year, a plant that has not reached the age of four needs to be transplanted. At home, you can propagate anthurium by cuttings. Side shoots or pieces of the stem should be separated from the adult plant. Then they are immediately planted in a pot. It is advisable to cover with foil until rooting is complete.

Video about the prevention of anthurium diseases:

The plant can be propagated by seeds, but this method is more complicated. To obtain seeds, flowers are pollinated. The fruits should be cleaned and disinfected in potassium permanganate. Then they put it in the peat soil superficially. Seedlings should appear in 2 weeks. With the appearance of the leaf, a pick is carried out.

Possible growing problems

With improper plant care, a novice florist may encounter possible problems: yellowing of the leaves, lack of flowering, the appearance of spots on the leaves and their twisting, etc. Yellowing of the leaves is a fairly common problem when caring for a plant. The main reasons for the yellowness of the leaves:

  • Improper watering
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Bright sun rays

Leaves begin to turn yellow due to improper watering. Water quality can also affect. Watering should be done frequently, but make sure that the soil is moist, not wet. With a lack of nitrogen, yellowing of the lower leaves is noted. An excess of sulfur in fertilizers also affects the color of the leaves. The yellowness of the leaves can be associated with diseases: septoria, chlorosis, anthracnose, root rot.

With septoria and anthracnose, yellow-brown spots appear on the leaves. In the fight against these diseases, the affected leaves should be removed, and the rest should be treated with a 0.2% foundationol solution. The development of chlorosis is due to a lack of iron and magnesium. Root rot develops when the plant is regularly flooded, when watered with cold water.

In this case, it is recommended to transplant the plant into new soil. If the anthurium does not bloom, then this may be due to improper care or the presence of pests. If curling of leaves is observed, then most likely the container with the plant was standing in a draft or in direct sunlight. In order to avoid possible problems when growing anthurium, you should properly and regularly care for the plant.

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