Apple-tree enterprise: features of the variety and growing rules

Apple-tree enterprise: features of the variety and growing rules

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Apples are the favorite fruit of the people of our country. The enterprise apple tree is a winter variety and is characterized by late fruit ripening. The tree is characterized by ease of care, which makes it possible for anyone to grow it in their garden.


  • Description of the species
  • Benefits and features of the variety
  • Growing features
  • Benefits and uses in cooking

Description of the species

The enterprise apple tree is characterized by late-winter ripening. The variety was bred in the United States of America at the end of the last century. It was obtained by breeders by crossing two varieties of apple trees - Mac and Golden Delicious. The tree is characterized by medium vigor. The variety has a rounded crown that is easy to form.

The apple tree has oval fruits. The average weight of one apple is from 150 to 200 grams.

Fruits are characterized by maroon or bright red color. They have a smooth and shiny skin. Due to the high level of its density, the fruit has a long shelf life. Apples have a dense, creamy flesh with a sour-sweet taste. During the storage of fruits, a significant improvement in taste is observed.

Benefits and features of the variety

Apple enterprise is often grown in our country due to its many advantages. The main ones include:

  • Winter hardiness
  • Yield
  • Good taste

The plant is characterized by resistance to a variety of diseases, which makes it easy to care for. The fruits of the apple tree have a bright color, which provides them with a marketable appearance. That is why they are in demand in our country. Despite the average size of apples, the variety is quite fruitful.

The enterprise bears fruit almost every year. The fruits have a fairly dense texture, which makes it possible to store them until spring. The apple tree is easy to care for, which greatly simplifies this process. The plant is characterized by a high degree of resistance to low temperatures. Apple Enterprise is a unique variety that combines ease of cultivation and excellent taste.

Growing features

To ensure the most successful growing of a tree, it is necessary to provide it with appropriate conditions. The apple tree is unpretentious to the characteristics of the soil. But, it is best to plant it in slightly acidic soils. To do this, you need to dig a hole, the size of which is slightly larger than the root system of the cutting.

Pebbles are laid at the bottom of the hole to ensure a high-quality drainage system. The tree is placed in the hole and covered with earth. After that, it must be watered. Young apple trees do not like the neighborhood with weeds, so it is recommended to carry out regular weeding of the soil around them. It will also saturate the soil with oxygen, which will significantly increase the survival rate of the culture.

After planting a young tree, it is necessary to water it once every two weeks. In this case, it is recommended to take into account the peculiarities of precipitation. Mature plants need to be watered several times per season. To ensure a high yield of the variety, top dressing is recommended. For this purpose, mineral fertilizers are used. They must be brought under the root system of the culture in the spring.

In the first few years after planting the apple tree, it is necessary to prune it to form the crown. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove internal and excessively long branches. Harvesting must be done before the first frost. This must be done with the utmost care so that the fruits do not hit, which will significantly extend their shelf life.

Video about the correct planting of an apple tree:

In order for the apples to lie for a long time, they are placed in wooden boxes, which must be stored in the cellar. Despite the fact that the apple tree does not need special care, all of the above points must be strictly followed. Correct cultivation of an enterprise apple tree is the key to high yields.

Benefits and uses in cooking

Apple fruits include a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which ensures their positive effect on the human body. That is why it is recommended to regularly consume them fresh. You can also canned apples.

Pickled fruits retain all their qualities. Juices are often made from apples of this variety, which have a pleasant sweetish-sour taste. Also, the fruits of the plant are used to make jams and preserves. Thanks to the universal taste of apples, they are used to prepare a variety of fruit and vegetable salads.

Pies with apples are very tasty. The enterprise apple tree is a valuable variety, which is explained not only by its high yield and excellent taste of the fruit, but also by the ease of cultivation. That is why this variety of apple trees can be planted on the site by any person.

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