Propagation of roses by seeds: step by step instructions for beginners

Propagation of roses by seeds: step by step instructions for beginners

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Many gardeners love the rose, as it decorates the garden with its luxurious flowers. But who is looking for easy ways now? Today, many people carry out seed propagation of roses. How can this be done?


  • How to collect planting material?
  • How to prepare for landing?
  • Preparing for soil planting
  • How to plant a rose?
  • Leaving immediately after planting

How to collect planting material?

Planting roses with seeds is not very popular among gardeners. This is due to the fact that fruit collection is a difficult procedure. After that, it is worth extracting the seeds, preparing them, germinating them, and this is also complex manipulations. It should also be understood that not all varieties can be planted with seeds.

Seed should be collected in late July or early August. For this, it is better to use firm fruits that are not yet fully ripe. They should be brown. After the fruits have been harvested, they are carefully cut with a sharp knife. Next, seeds are selected. When the seeds have been separated from the pulp, it is worth rinsing them well in cold water.

Features of buying seed

In the modern world, specialty stores offer gardeners to purchase ready-made seed material of roses. It is worth paying attention to the varieties. But the rose that was depicted on the package does not always grow. Therefore, most gardeners are inclined to self-collecting seeds.

After purchase, the seed must be stratified. To avoid disruption of normal cultivation, it is recommended to purchase seeds at the end of summer.

How to prepare for landing?

When the seeds have been washed, they are transferred to a container into which hydrogen peroxide (3%) is poured. They should stay in such a liquid for half an hour. In this way, the seed material will be disinfected, and in the future it will germinate better. Next, it is worth removing the seeds that have surfaced, since they are hollow. The remaining seeds are treated with a root stimulant.

After that, they combine with moistened river sand. The prepared mixture is wrapped in a small cloth, which is initially soaked in peroxide.

After the done manipulations, it is necessary to deal with stratification. Rose seeds have a hard shell, so it is difficult for them to germinate. Stratification itself is a process that will help soften the surface of the seeds. For this, the bundle that has been prepared is wrapped in a polyethylene bag.

It is left in the basement or in the refrigerator, and to avoid confusion, it is advisable to record the date on which the stratification began. It is systematically necessary to look at the condition of the seed. If there are seeds that have been affected by mold, then they need to be removed. Everything else needs to be moistened with peroxide.

Preparing for soil planting

Often, the first shoots can be seen after 1.5-2 months from the moment the stratification was made. Those seeds that have sprouted must be planted in separate pots. They need to fill in light soil, which is initially sterilized.

It will take about a month when full seedlings appear. The sprouts may start to rot. To prevent this, you need to mulch the soil with vermiculite. The planted plant needs moderate watering. It is negatively affected by dryness, but waterlogging will not be beneficial either.

When the plants get stronger, they are planted in open ground. They do it in April or May. It is necessary to ensure that there is no frost. Before planting, the soil is loosened and compost or manure is added, which has already been overfilled.

How to plant a rose?

So, when the seeds have sprouted, they are planted in pots. The room must be at least 18 degrees. Plants need normal lighting for 10 hours. Otherwise, you can face a disease called black leg. If buds appear, it is recommended to tear them off so that the rhizome continues to develop. Plants should stand in pots right up to spring.

Before planting a rose in open ground, you should start hardening it. To do this, the pots are moved for a while a calm place, which is well lit, but the direct rays of the sun should not shine on the plants. Gradually, you need to keep the seedlings in the fresh air for longer. When the frosts disappear, pits are prepared in the soil and plants are planted from pots.

Video about growing roses using seeds:

If a person decided to grow a rose from seeds, he should understand that initially he will not see abundant flowering. But all the splendor of the rose can be observed in the second year. There is another method of growing roses, which gardeners also resort to. They plant seeds directly into the ground. Thus, natural stratification will occur. To do this, you should adhere to the following sequence:

Initially, the seeds are prepared as described above.

  1. A trench is dug in the garden bed, into which the seed is placed.
  2. The soil needs to be loosened and fertilized.
  3. The seeds do not go deep, they need to be lightly sprinkled with earth.

If it is dry enough in autumn, then the area where the roses were planted should be sprayed with water. Its surface is covered with any device that retains moisture. If a rose is planted in the northern territories, then it is covered with foliage, with a special canvas. When April comes, you can remove the shelter. After that, all that remains is to wait for the shoots.

If there is a risk of frost, then it is worth creating minor greenhouse conditions. If you grow roses immediately in the garden, then they are not so afraid of frost, they are distinguished by their strength.

Leaving immediately after planting

A gardener who has planted a rose with seeds should remember to pay attention to it. But they take care of the planting in almost the same way as for adult bushes. When it's cold outside, it is worth protecting the bushes. But you need to watch out so as not to allow debate. For this reason, at the beginning of spring, when the sun is already warming well, the shelter is removed. From this time on, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the bushes. In order for the rose to develop normally, it is worth carrying out the following procedures:

  • Water the seedlings
  • Loosen the soil
  • Mulch the soil
  • Fertilize
  • Remove weeds
  • Destroy pests
  • Shelter for the winter

In addition to the above manipulations, some varieties of roses need to be cut. This procedure helps to rejuvenate the plant and form a beautiful bush. Pruning should be done following these guidelines:

  • Do the procedure in dry weather
  • All tools that are used are worth sharpening
  • The cut area is smeared with garden pitch
  • Circumcision is carried out to healthy tissue

Watering should be done once every 7 days. If it's hot outside, then this procedure is more frequent. So, a rose can become a real decoration in the garden. It can be grown from seeds, but for this you need to know certain rules.

Watch the video: Growing roses from seed: what to expect (August 2022).