Mid-season and late varieties of carrots for winter storage

Mid-season and late varieties of carrots for winter storage

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To choose the right variety of carrots, you should think about what this vegetable is for. If a person plants it for use in salads, then early varieties will do. But in order to feast on carrots all winter, you should choose carrot varieties for winter storage. But there are many of them.


  • Mid-season varieties
  • Late-ripening varieties
  • Special varieties
  • Preparing carrots for storage

Mid-season varieties

Mid-season carrots have a very good taste. If a person grows this vegetable for storage, then it is better for him to lean towards certain varieties, which will be described later. Nantes 4. This variety has found its favorites throughout the country. He gives an average yield. Many people consider it to be the most delicious. The root crop is in the form of a cylinder, and its color is bright orange. In January, the entire crop should be used, as it will not be stored further. Vitamin 6. This variety has also gained popularity. It should be grown on peat soil. The root crop can grow up to 20 centimeters in the form of a cylinder. But storage of such carrots is bad.

Losinootrovskaya 13. This variety is appreciated by those who need carrots for diet and baby food. The root vegetable is used for salads. If you grow this variety, you can get a large harvest that will be well preserved. Moscow winter. This variety is renowned for its excellent harvest. Root crops have a blunt end, but long. They are juicy and sweet. The harvested crop will easily lie until spring. Incomparable. This variety will also delight its owner with a good harvest. Root crops are cone-shaped. The harvest can be stored until spring.

NIIOH 336. Such carrots have gained popularity because of their amazing taste. This variety does not need hilling, since the roots are placed completely in the ground. Rote-Riesen. Growing this variety will yield a good harvest. The root vegetables are cone-shaped and can also be stored in winter. Samson. Root crops grow even, have a unique taste. Such carrots are deep orange in color in the form of a cylinder. It is used both raw and processed. Forto. These carrots are steadily grown in different regions, as they please with a good harvest and excellent taste. All of these varieties can keep well and taste great.

Late-ripening varieties

Late-ripening varieties differ in taste, as it is not so intense. But their advantage is that they are excellently preserved. Vita Longa. Root crops are long enough, they can lie until spring. When grown, they do not crack and taste good. They make good juice. Yellowstone. This variety is yellowish in color. Growing such carrots gives a huge harvest. Queen of Autumn. Red roots of this variety have gained great popularity. They are shaped like a cylinder with a sharp end. They taste sweet with a pleasant aroma. They can be stored practically until the next harvest.

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Special carrots. Root crops are colored orange with a scarlet tint. This is one of the most delicious carrots. The harvest is perfectly preserved. Chantenay. Root crops are cone-shaped. They are short but thick.

Special varieties

Many people want to grow sweet-tasting carrots in their garden. To do this, you should choose certain varieties that are also well preserved:

Boltex. It is a mid-season species that provides a large harvest. Red giant. Root crops grow large. You can keep them for the whole March. Losinoostrovskaya. Carrots are cylindrical and have many grooves. Reach up to 18 cm.

There are special types that have some differences from the usual carrots. Many gardeners grow varieties that do not have a core. These root vegetables are considered very valuable because they are juicy and tasty. Despite the small amount of vitamins, yellow carrots have gained popularity. There are also purple species. The varieties Sophie or Granddaughter deserve special attention. This is a small carrot that ripens even in small containers. At the same time, you can harvest the crop in 2 months.

Preparing carrots for storage

Often, people are faced with the fact that their crops are poorly preserved in winter. It can start to rot, mold or plaque appears. This may be due to improper storage. To protect yourself from such consequences, you should start preparing carrots for the winter. First you need to choose a suitable variety, since not all species can be stored for a long time. When the crop has been harvested, you should sort it out. For long-term storage, long-shaped carrots of good appearance are suitable. The rest should be eaten first.

You need to leave the following carrots for storage:

  • She must be mature
  • There should be no damage or rot on the surface
  • It is better that the root vegetable is rough, as it lasts longer

Carrots can be washed beforehand, but this is not a mandatory procedure. In any case, it should be dried. It is forbidden to heat the crop, drying should take place in the shade. 2 days before the planned placement of the crop in storage, it should be cooled to 0 degrees. The room where the carrots will lie should have high humidity. A low temperature is ideal, which should always be the same. You should also choose the right container where the carrots will be stored. To do this, you can use boxes into which sand is poured. If you adhere to these rules, carrots will last a long time, and you can feast on this vegetable throughout the winter. In addition, before buying, you can consider the packaging, which describes information about the carrot variety. Often there you can find out the duration of the preservation of the crop.

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