Chubushnik: varieties, description and features

Chubushnik: varieties, description and features

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Chubushnik: varieties, descriptions and features of this beautiful shrub

Chubushnik is a shrub with fragrant flowers. It is not for nothing that people confuse chubushnik with jasmine. Currently, there are 50 species of this plant and a great many varieties, with different flowers, leaves and branches.


  • Chubushnik varieties Variegata, Blizzard and Aureus
  • Features of Pearls, Airborne and Gordon varieties
  • Varieties Lemoine, Komsomolets, Gnome and Alabaster

Chubushnik varieties Variegata, Blizzard and Aureus

Chubushnik variety Variegata

This variety, in addition to fragrant delicate flowers, has original two-colored leaves. In the center, the leaf is green, and at the edges it has a light edging. The flowers are snow-white with a creamy center. The crown of the bush is dense, spreading. The diameter of the bush can reach up to 2.5 meters.

  • Height: 2-2.5 meters
  • Flowering time: late May, early June
  • Bloom duration: 20 - 25 days

At the end of August, boxes with seeds ripen in place of flowers. Chubushnik variety Variegata grows well both in sunny areas and in partial shade. It blooms well on fertile moist soils, does not tolerate stagnant water and temperatures below 28 degrees. It will react to feeding with manure and mineral fertilizers with a rapid growth of the crown and lush flowering. In winter, it is better to cover young shrubs. The plant is planted in the spring before the leaves appear or in the fall from September 10 to October 1.

The Variegata variety can be used to build a large hedge and create original landscape compositions.

Chubushnik Snowstorm

A feature of this variety are the brushes of terry snow-white flowers, reaching a diameter of 8-9 cm. Leaves are bright green, monochromatic. During the flowering period, the bush is strewn with inflorescences and looks like a snowball. The aroma is strong and pleasant. This variety blooms profusely in sunny places and does not tolerate stagnant waters. Chubushnik variety Snow storm is highly frost-resistant, only young annual seedlings require shelter.

  • Height: up to 3 meters
  • Bloom time: July
  • Bloom duration: 25-28 days
  • Feature: in order for the bush to please with annual abundant flowering, it is necessary to remove shoots that are 4 years old.

Chubushnik is susceptible to aphid attack and requires processing. The Snowstorm variety can be used for both hedges and single plantings.

Crown mock-orange Aureus

A distinctive feature of this variety is the unusual color of the leaves. In the spring, yellow leaves bloom on the bush, which gradually turn green. In autumn, the leaves do not turn yellow, but fall green. The flowers are small, collected in inflorescences and are not very noticeable against the background of the original color of the leaves. Blossoming gives out a truly magical aroma, which is impossible not to feel.

  • Height: up to 2.4 meters
  • Bloom month: end of May
  • Duration: 21 days

Feature: Removing old branches every 3 years will increase flowering and accelerate the growth of young shoots.

Mandatory feeding with manure and regular watering. This type of chubushnik is distinguished by the fact that it has beautiful foliage throughout the season. The beautiful color of the leaves becomes an adornment of any site. Due to the color of the crown, it is suitable for planting hedges, but then you should not wait for flowering.

Features of Pearls, Airborne and Gordon varieties

Chubushnik variety Pearls

The huge flowers of this variety have won the hearts of many gardeners. Flower diameter up to 7 cm Snow-white flowers, terry. The color of the leaves is bright, solid green. Red-brown curved branches.

  • Height: up to 1.3 meters
  • Bloom time: end of June
  • Duration: 15-18 days

Chubushnik variety Pearl grows well both in the south and in the middle lane. He is not afraid of harsh winters and frosts down to -25 degrees. Prefers good, fertilized soils and sunny locations.

The small height of the bushes of this variety allows you to use it in flower beds and when decorating front gardens.

Airborne assortment

Flowers of this variety are bell-shaped, flower size 3 cm in diameter. The color can be either white or cream. In the center are bright yellow stamens. The bloom is profuse and fragrant. The smell of bells is reminiscent of the aroma of strawberries, so this variety is often called Strawberry. The branches of the shrub are straight, the leaves are green. Height: up to 2 meters. Flowering time: early July, and June in the southern regions. Bloom duration: 25-30 days

Agricultural technology does not differ from other varieties of mock-orange. The only peculiarity is that this variety blooms even in the shade. The Airborne assortment variety is resistant to diseases and frost-resistant, grows well in the middle lane. It is used both in group plantings and single bushes. Looks great when decorating lawns and overall flower beds.

Gordon's variety

It blooms with white flowers, collected in a brush up to 7-9 pieces. Flower diameter up to 4.5 cm The aroma is not pronounced, more delicate and light. The decorativeness of the bush is due not only to flowers, but also to large leaves that have a gloss on the surface.

  • Height: up to 4 meters, and in the shade up to 6
  • Flowering time: second decade of June
  • Bloom duration: 20 days

Chubushnik variety Gordon requires regular pruning of old branches. This is one of the tallest chubushniki. Not suitable for hedges and decoration of compositions, more like a spreading tree. But on the other hand, it can please with a shadow on a sultry summer day.

Varieties Lemoine, Komsomolets, Gnome and Alabaster

Lemoine variety

This is a hybrid of small-leaved and common mock-orange. A fairly large bush, the crown reaches a diameter of up to 3.5 meters. Snow-white flowers, up to 5.5 cm in diameter Collected in inflorescences. The aroma is very strong, sugary. The leaves are large, dark green in summer, bright yellow in autumn.

  • Height: up to 3 meters
  • Flowering time: July, may be repeated in autumn
  • Bloom duration: 20-25 days

The Lemoine variety tolerates partial shade well and belongs to very winter-hardy mockers. One plant grows remarkably up to 20 years old, only regular pruning of old branches is required.

It is used to decorate plots, hedges and looks great in combination with other varieties of chubushnik.

Komsomolets variety

In the last century, it was one of the most common varieties of mock-orange. The flowers are snowy, perfectly white. The petals are slightly double. The diameter of each flower is about 5 cm. There are 6-9 flowers in the inflorescence. The aroma is light, airy. The leaves of the shrub are graceful, elongated.

  • Height: 1.8-2 meters
  • Bloom time: July
  • Flowering duration: up to 25 days

The variety was bred by the domestic breeder N.K. Vekhov. Differs in special adaptability to the sharply continental climate. Grows well in the middle lane. In dead wood, it requires regular watering. A very frost-resistant variety, easily tolerates up to -30 degrees of frost and does not require shelter. Sometimes you can see frozen branches, but this rarely affects the root system.

Chubushnik variety Komsomolets will adorn any site and will not require complex maintenance.

Chubushnik Gnome

This is a variety of mock-orange that does not bloom. A low-growing bush, has bright leaves and a dense crown. Leaves are medium-sized, serrated. The branches are abundantly covered. The height of the bushes is no more than 50 cm. The diameter is up to 70 cm.

Very winter hardy variety. Does not require complex maintenance and grows remarkably on all types of soil.

It is often used as a small border and decoration of flower beds and landscaping. Dense branching allows pruning and shaping.

Chubushnik Alabaster

Flowers are snow-white, semi-double. The inner petals are smaller and thinner. The inflorescences are large, up to 13 cm in diameter. Consists of 7-10 flowers. Leaves are oval, green, medium in size. The branches are very strong, spreading.

  • Height: up to 1.8 meters
  • Flowering time: mid-June
  • Flowering duration: up to 38 days
  • Features: requires annual pruning

All about the chubushnik in the video:

The Alabaster variety is very fond of sunny places, does not bloom even with light shading. It is a very hardy variety and grows well in the middle lane. Does not tolerate saline and acidic soils. Reacts well to feeding and regular watering. It is used in all types of landscaping, as hedges and single decoration of plots.

Many varieties of Chubushnik are frost-resistant, but there are those that cannot withstand only up to 12 degrees of frost. These are mainly foreign varieties. Each of the varieties has its own unique appearance. The beauty of the chubushnik and its incredible aroma have long won the hearts of not only gardeners, but also professional landscape designers.

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