Pink currant: main varieties

Pink currant: main varieties

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Pink currant, according to many gardeners, is the most delicious type of berry: from black, white and, all the more red, it is favorably distinguished by the absence of acid and the extraordinary sweetness of taste. Pink currant has relatively few varieties, the most common of which are Pink Pearl and Pink Muscat.

The main advantage currant varieties called Pink Pearls - its delicate, unusually sweet dessert taste. This berry can be eaten in any quantity, without fear of getting the oskim. The berries of this variety are great not only for fresh consumption, but also for technological processing, for example, for making compote or jelly (but jam and jams from it, according to some culinary experts, are overly sugary). Separately, it is worth mentioning the external beauty of the bushes, which are capable of decorating the backyard with their slender, upward branches, no worse than ornamental shrubs, hung with garlands of large transparent pink berries, which hang until the very frost, absolutely not losing their taste.

Muscat variety pink got its name from the connection between the color of the berries and their taste. This variety is in no way inferior to the previous one in terms of taste. Currant bushes are hung with long (up to six to seven centimeters long) clusters of large berries, the mass of which reaches one gram. Rose Muscat berries when fully ripe acquire an unusually beautiful color, and their intoxicating aroma fills the entire backyard.

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