Rizamat grapes

Rizamat grapes

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If you are a fan of eating sweet and tasty fruits, then the rizamat grapes will definitely be interesting to you. Growing it brings great pleasure, because the result obtained will cover all the difficulties in growing it.

Rizamat grapes is a table raisin grape with an early middle ripening period. This grape was named after the famous winegrower from Uzbekistan named Rizamat Musamukhamedov.

This grape has medium sized leaves. They are five-lobed, rounded, glabrous below and slightly dissected. They have an open petiole notch and are brought together with an open bottom. The flowers of this grape variety are bisexual. When ripe, the grapes have large clusters, branched, conical, medium density. The berries of this grape are quite large, reaching 14 g. Each berry has a cylindrical shape, they are pink, and one barrel is more intensely colored. You can pay attention to the waxy coating of medium density. The skin of the grapes is very thin and the flesh is crispy and firm.

Rizamat has a very weak frost resistance, and at the same time it has a weak resistance to powdery mildew. If the berries are cracking, then the reason for this may be changes in moisture in the soil, which occur during the ripening period. Do not overexpose the bunches on the bushes.

When growing this variety, you need to know some subtleties. The stepchildren of this grape must be removed, while the pinching of the shoots must be completely excluded. If you otitis a high yield from your bush, then you must maintain a high agricultural background.

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