Planting and caring for tulips

Planting and caring for tulips

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With the onset of spring warmth, one of the first flowers to appear is a tulip belonging to bulbous plants... There is a huge variety of tulip varieties that differ not only flowering timebut also different the shape of the flower and leaf calyx, and the widest range of colors... Moreover, both one-color and two-color tulips are grown.

Planting and caring for tulips are not particularly difficult, it is enough to adhere to simple recommendations. Since tulips are grown from bulbs, they must be planted in the soil in early autumn so that they have time to root and take root before the onset of frost.

A place for tulips you should choose sunny. The soil must be fertile... Immediately before planting tulip bulbs, it is advisable to treat with a very weak solution of potassium permanganate. The recommended planting depth is about 7 centimeters. In this case, it is necessary to observe the distance between plants 15 centimeters, and between the rows - 20 centimeters.

Tulip care begins in early spring, immediately after the snow melts. First of all, one should loosen the soil... Also, care consists in timely watering and removing weeds. Tulips need fertilization. Fertilize the plant is recommended by a special nutrient solution from superphosphate (40g), potassium nitrate (30g) and a bucket of water. Fertilization with such a solution is carried out twice with an interval of ten days.

In addition to the above information, planting and caring for tulips includes digging out the flowers, storing the bulbs appropriately, and forcing them in winter.

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