Caring for bamboo in the water

Caring for bamboo in the water

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In flower shops, unusual plants with green shoots of a spiral or zigzag shape are increasingly common. In fact, this is a kind of a completely different plant - dracaena.


  • Introduction
  • Growing basics
  • Water for bamboo
  • Happy place in the apartment
  • Pruning and propagating bamboo
  • Conclusion


Dracaena Sanderianna got its nickname for its resemblance to bamboo, but belongs to a different family of plants. It blooms very rarely, white flowers with a sweet aroma. An erect stem with green long leaves reaches a height of 2 meters, but in apartments it often grows up to 0.7-1 m. And bamboo became "happy" thanks to Asian culture, in which it is considered a symbol of success and good luck. But the correct name of the plant did not take root and is called the bamboo of happiness all over the world.

Growing basics

Indoor bamboo is unpretentious, but requires compliance with fairly simple rules for caring for it. First of all, indirect sunlight, slight coolness and periodic ventilation of the room where it grows.

In winter, the bamboo of happiness should be kept at a temperature of at least 12, and preferably 14-16 degrees. Comfortable air temperature in the room for him is about 22 degrees. At temperatures above 35, it dies. Does not require constant spraying, occasionally it is worth wiping the leaves from dust. Pebbles or expanded clay of various sizes are placed on the bottom of a vase with water. As a top dressing, special mineral fertilizers are used for dracaena.

It is recommended to feed the bamboo every three months. If fed regularly, the leaves and stems will remain green throughout the life of the bamboo. The yellowed leaves and stems must be cut off, allowed to dry and lubricated with a soft wax.

Water for bamboo

In many apartments and houses, bamboo is grown in water, because its straight or twisted shoots look very impressive in various glass vases. But then you need to feed it with mineral fertilizers to preserve the green color of the leaves.

The water in the vase with it must be filtered, or better distilled, at room temperature. It must be updated every 2 weeks.

You can also use rain or melt water - pour filtered or plain tap water into a plastic bottle and place in the freezer until the water completely turns into ice. Then put the bottle to thaw at room temperature. The resulting water becomes softer and more suitable for growing bamboo in it. If the water has acquired an unpleasant odor or a suspicious color earlier than 2 weeks, then you should change it and subsequently change more often the water in the vase with bamboo. If the leaves turn yellow, then the water also needs to be changed.

Happy place in the apartment

The bamboo vase is best placed on the east side of the window or closer to it. You can't leave it on a sun-drenched windowsill, because the direct rays of the sun burn the leaves. A place in partial shade is ideal for bamboo in the water. If there are no such places in the apartment, then you can place a vase with bamboo on the windowsill or floor, covering the glass with a curtain, blinds or newspaper, protecting the plant from sunburn. When airing the room, cold air should not get on the plant, this negatively affects it.

Pruning and propagating bamboo in water

If the bamboo has grown too much and no longer looks attractive, then pruning should be done. It is done with special scissors, above the knots, otherwise the cut will come out ugly.

Pruning can be carried out annually by pruning long shoots from all sides, if necessary, remove external reeds at ground level.

By removing the side shoots from the desired sides, you can simulate the shape and appearance of the bamboo as you wish. Pruning can also be used to propagate bamboo. In this case, either the upper cuttings are cut and rooted in water, or the stem is cut into several parts, lubricating the cuts with soft, but not hot wax. In no case should you use yellowed areas of bamboo for reproduction. If there are no shoots, then you can cut the top and after such an operation the shoot should grow, if it does not appear, then repeat the pinching of the stem.


Caring for bamboo in water is an opportunity to let your fantasy and imagination come true. You can create various interesting compositions from bamboo shoots, add decorative stones, red and gold ribbons or mascot figures to them. Lucky Bamboo looks great in a transparent vase with a colored hydrogel. Do not forget about its purpose - 3 stems for good luck, 5 for prosperity, 7 for health, and 21 stems will affect all spheres of life. The composition of twenty curled bamboo stalks is called the tower of love.

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