Presowing treatment of pepper seeds

Presowing treatment of pepper seeds

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There are many methods of pre-sowing peppers to obtain a healthier and more substantial crop. The most simple and true frompre-sowing treatment of pepper seeds:

Sowing seed calibration... Go through the seeds and choose the largest and healthiest seed.

Seed selection with brine... The seeds are immersed in a 3-5% salt solution, stirring occasionally for several minutes, after which all the shabby and unusable seeds will float, and the healthy seed will sink to the bottom.

Processing with microelements. This method increases seed germination, resistance against pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions, increases productivity, improves storage of fruits.

Presowing soaking the seed in trace elements is more effective than the subsequent fertilization of the soil.

Warming up in the sun. A simple yet effective way to stimulate seed germination.

Sparging. This method involves soaking the seed in water saturated with air or oxygen. After this procedure, the seed should not be heated.

Processing with biologically active ingredients. Stimulates growth, germination, germination of seeds, and also increases the resistance of seedlings to climatic conditions and diseases.

Soaking... This method is used to accelerate the germination process of tightly germinating seeds. As a result of soaking, the seed swells and prepares for germination.

Germination allows you to reject dead seeds and select fast-germinating, strong, healthy seeds.

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