The healing properties of horsetail

The healing properties of horsetail

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Field horsetail - a fairly common plant, especially in our latitudes. For a farmer in the field it is a weed, but for traditional medicine, like many other seemingly inconspicuous herbs - healing gift of nature.

Close relatives of the horsetail, meadow and forest, are poisonous. Better to buy already prepared raw materials in a pharmacy.

What are horsetail properties made it a drug? This plant relieves inflammation and stops bleeding, removes toxins and even heavy metals from the body. Also known diuretic and restorative the effect of taking infusions and decoctions of this horsetail. There are proteins and organic acids, tannins and vitamin C, as well as micro and macro elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.

It heals the skin for purulent boils, eczema and lichen. There is a whole list of diseases for which horsetail can be useful. it bronchitis and dysentery, tuberculosis and jaundice, rheumatism, gout, chronic cough and much more.

But, like any synthetic medicine, herbs also have their own strict dosages and contraindications. Horsetail, for example, not worth using pregnant women and people with kidney problems.

In addition to being used as a herbal remedy, field horsetail is also used for cosmetic purposes as a base for lotions. AND in cooking useful are its young juicy shoots, which are pre-fried and stuffed with pancakes.

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