Growing Brugmansia for the soul

Growing Brugmansia for the soul

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Well, how beautiful and unusual plants can sometimes be seen! For example, the amazingly beautiful Brugmansia tree. This is a tropical climate tree, and therefore cultivation of Brugmansia on the street in regions with a temperate climate and higher in longitude is impossible.

Brugmansiya is so unusual that people call it differently - devil tree or angel trumpet... There is a reason for this contradiction in the name. Huge white drooping flowers look like a musical instrument - a trumpet. Flowers reach a length of 30 centimeters and can be of different colors - from snow-white to dark red. Many varieties of this tree have been bred by breeders, and the flowers can be ordinary funnel, semi-double, double, two-tiered, with a different color of the tier. The amazing beauty of flowers gave Brugmansia the name "Angel's Trumpet". Brugmansiya received the name "Devil's Tree" because of its extreme toxicity.

This beautiful, unusual plant requires a lot of space, and although it grows up to two meters in height, it is unlikely to survive in a room in an ordinary apartment. But if Brugmansia is grown in a winter garden, on a large glazed loggia, where the temperature does not drop below -5 degrees, then you can enjoy its unusual beauty.

For abundant flowering, this wonderful tree needs a lot of sun, light and warmth. If the plant grows in the shade, then it will give few flowers, putting all its energy into green leaves. This plant loves water and nutrients, and therefore needs to be watered and fed regularly. If the decision to grow is made, then it should be taken into account that a large tub is needed for an adult plant, and a device is also provided with which the tub with Brugmansia can be rolled out onto the street.

Brugmansia can be "cut" - it will easily endure such a procedure, turning into a standard tree of a well-groomed spherical shape.

Good luck!

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