Fresh basil in the photo and in the house

Fresh basil in the photo and in the house

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Basil - a very useful and tasty seasoning, although it gained popularity among us quite recently. The plant is more associated with Mediterranean cuisine. Not every housewife knows how fresh looks basil in the photobecause it mainly uses it in dried form. But, even less do not even imagine that basil can be grown on your window in a flower pot or in a garden bed.

Basil seeds can be purchased at any gardening store. There are many types of plants: ordinary fragrant (most commonly used by Italians) Mexican - this basil in the photo with purple flowers (cinnamon flavor),lemon hybrid (taste corresponds to the name), purple - has very beautiful purple - red leaves, can be grown for decorative purposes.

Basil care features

For planting basil seeds, use the usual universal soil mixture. Since the seeds are quite small, they do not need to be deepened into the ground, but only lightly sprinkled with it. The soil must be moistened. The container with seeds is covered with plastic wrap to maintain the desired humidity level, and placed in a warm place. Basil shoots should appear in a week.

When the plants reach a height of about 5 cm, it is ready to be transplanted to a permanent place. The tops of the basil need to be slightly pinched to form a wide bush.

And further little trick: Basil takes root very easily, you just need to "steal" cuttings from friends or in a store and put them in water for a while. After 5-7 days, roots appear. Then you can plant it in the ground.

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