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Cast iron fountains

Cast iron fountains

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Cast iron fountains represent a recurring element in Italian cities, which we find placed along the streets or in the squares. Use may be public or private. Surely among the drinking fountains those made of cast iron are more widespread than the monumental fountains.

Cast iron

Cast iron is an alloy of iron and carbon that has a good hardness and strength and this allows it to have various applications. Thanks to the casting technique, various shapes can be made with cast iron. There are different types of cast iron, the one most used for the construction of fountains is the gray one. It is a material whose origins date back to over 1000 years BC, when it was still considered a by-product. Only with the passing of the centuries and with the evolution of processing techniques did it begin to be used in various sectors. Making a fountain in cast iron almost means making it 'eternal' because it is a material that lasts in a lasting manner against the weather and does not require any maintenance. For these two reasons, the fountains were mainly made of cast iron.

Shapes and patterns

If you wish to order a cast iron fountain of a particular shape there would be no problem in making it, since this material adapts to any shape. The classic models produced in cast iron are those that reproduce a bit the style of the historic fountains of our cities: a support base and a column, at the top of which is a tap from which water flows. They are simple, useful and constitute an element to which we are all used to seeing as characteristic of the urban furniture of our country. For the realization of cast iron fountains more gray cast iron is used, which can also be enamelled in white, green and ivory. The classic form of this kind is column-shaped, but circular fountains can also be found. It is good to point out that cast iron has a considerable weight so, due to this characteristic, it is possible to avoid building models that are too large and would become too heavy.

Location and maintenance

In order to place them in your garden, only a water connection is needed cast iron fountains Column mounted can be placed anywhere while wall mounted ones need to be fixed to a support. Enamelled cast-iron fountains require a single trick: to be repainted with a certain periodicity. The peeling of the paint is due to atmospheric agents, in this case, however, you can also decide to completely change color and thus renew your fountain. The purchase of the enamels must be specific for the cast iron otherwise you risk repainting it, obtaining a worse result. The problem does not arise when it comes to fountains worked with natural cast iron. At the points of sale specializing in garden furniture it is possible to find different models of cast iron fountains, and for those who love decorations there is the possibility of choosing some circular models where the bathtub can also be decorated.

A mix of simplicity and elegance

What is most striking about a cast iron fountain is its extreme simplicity but at the same time its elegance and versatility, it is capable of adapting to any garden, whatever style it is intended to confer. Furthermore, the cast-iron column fountains really take up limited space, so their installation is possible even in very small spaces. The Tuscan art, for example, over time has begun to decorate cast iron, and this has made the fountains of small masterpieces. Today in Italy there are some foundries that are also capable of making models of fountains in cast iron with a 'modern' taste: theirs is a simple, almost stylized form that differs from the classic model to which we are accustomed. The evolution of cast iron fountains is thus able to respond to the needs of a market that is increasingly attentive to evolution and new trends. Choosing a cast iron fountain for your garden must be a matter of personal taste, the material gives a very particular antique look. The characteristics listed above make the fountain in cast iron really suitable to be placed outside and by choosing it you decide to buy a fountain that will last over time.


The costs are mainly linked to the choice of commissioning a craftsman with a cast iron fountain to be realized according to his wishes, or decide to go to a specialized shop. The craftsman can create any shape by always keeping to a limited size due to the weight of the material itself. In the shops there is a vast assortment of cast iron fountains and here it is possible to choose it and take it directly to your own home, while in the case of an artisan work you will have to wait for the time necessary for the realization. If you are undecided whether to choose a column model or a wall model, it is good to consider the available space and maybe even be advised by the retailer.

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