Pruning flower hedges

Pruning flower hedges

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Pruning flower hedges:

Flowering plants can also be used to form hedges; in this case it is necessary to prune them to maintain a harmonious shape, or even just to prevent the hedge from spreading or rising excessively. Hedges such as roses or other plants that produce flowers on new branches should be pruned in late winter or late summer, so as to encourage the development of new branches and flowers; other hedges instead, like those of Cercis or Calicanto, bloom on branches at least a year or even older; they must therefore be pruned after flowering, and not before, to avoid removing, in part or completely, the flower buds. The flowering hedges are cultivated in an informal way, we avoid to prune them in a geometric way, instead we prefer a more fluid and natural development. In the correct season we intervene shortening all the branches by about a third; in this way it favors the development of dense and well branched hedges. In addition to shortening the branches it also intervenes by removing all the weak branches, with twisted development or ruined by diseases or bad weather, trying to give the hedge a pleasant shape, possibly rounded at the apex.