Cultivation of orchids

Orchid cultivation:

Orchids are a genus that has thousands of species; the species most present in the apartment are few, but they are often phalaenopsis, dendrobium or cambrie. These are plants of tropical origin, which need very bright and moist places. So let's position them in the brightest area of ​​the house, avoiding however that they are hit by direct sunlight for excessively long periods; we prefer a place near a window, but where the plant does not receive temperature changes caused by the air coming from the opening. Often for the orchids shelves or raised furniture are chosen, in this way they can obtain a good amount of light, and at the same time they take advantage of the warmer air present in the upper part of the rooms. The average temperature at which to cultivate an orchid is around 15-18 ° C, so remember to position them where domestic heating is active during the winter months. In nature these plants enjoy the humidity of tropical forests, so we often vaporize the foliage, avoiding flowers, to counteract the dry air present in our homes. Watering must be administered very frequently, but avoiding excesses: we water every week, keeping the growing substrate always damp, but not soaked with water. The best way to water the orchids is the technique of immersing the vases: we place the orchid vase in a basin and fill it up to the edge of the vase with water at room temperature; when the substrate is damp in the upper part we extract the pot from the water and let it drain for a few minutes before placing it in the pot holder. Every 20-25 days we add to the water of the waterings a very small part of fertilizer, specific for orchids; we avoid excesses of fertilizer, which can lead to the drying up of most of the plant's roots