Bavaria Golden

Bavaria Golden

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POLIANA ROSEGolden Bavaria

A floribunda with a rich bloom of pure yellow color. The conical-shaped bud opens on a double flower, full and of medium size. Its continuous flowering makes it a very popular variety. Bright light green vegetation, excellent resistance to diseases. It is in fact one of the most resistant varieties of roses with yellow petals. The height of the plant is about 60-70 cm. It adapts to living both in urban contexts and in private gardens and flower beds.

Baviera D'oro: Rose floribunde

The Golden Bavaria is a rose belonging to the genus of the floribunde roses. It is a group of roses created starting from the hybridization of the varieties Polyanthe and Hybrids of tea. One of the main characteristics of these roses is the particularly long-lasting flowering that goes from the beginning of May to the first cold ones. The flowers appear large, grouped in bunches. The maximum height of the floribunde is 120 cm: for this reason they are ideal roses to create colorful and flower-filled flowerbeds for most of the year, to decorate hedges, gardens and adapt themselves without particular problems even to grow in pots.


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