Bonsai styles Informally built

Bonsai styles Informally built

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Bonsai Styles Informal built: Informal upright(Moyogi)

The informal upright style has a trunk with gentle curvatures that repeat several times. The branches, gradually more cortidal down towards the top, grow outside the trunk. The plants in this style grow erect, with curves to the right and to the left and towards the front and the back.
This style adapts very well to both coniferous and deciduous trees, and is certainly a good starting point for those who want to approach the art of bonsai. The inclination of the trunk is obtained through the use of metal wire (copper or anodized aluminum), pruning or tie rods. Given that it is the most recurrent style in nature, there are endless possibilities for the trunk line. The only conditioning is that the branches should preferably grow on the outside of the curves.