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The common name of the plant is to be traced back to the simple and singular form of its leaves at the same time; it is, in fact, countless filaments, similar to hair. Furthermore, it has always been renowned for its curative and medicinal properties, first of all the ability to stop the flow of blood (coagulating power); wraps made from the leaves of the plant were used in ancient times to treat soldiers' wounds. The mythology depicts Achilles himself dressing the wounds of his soldiers with the Millefoglie, during the Trojan war. Hence the meaning attributed to the plant in the language of flowers: war and pain.

Yarrow: The yarrow plant

The Yarrow arises spontaneously in the meadows of our mountains and countryside even at high altitudes, it is an easy to find and cultivate herb. The adult specimen reaches a height of about 70/80 cm, the flowers that cluster in tufts forming an umbrella may have different colors white, pink with orange highlights, the flowering period runs from June to September. The Achillea is also used in the kitchen to prepare an excellent liqueur and is sometimes used for the preparation of craft beers.