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Question: Pear plant

how to adjust with a balcony pear tree.
Thank you Bobo

Pear plant: Answer: Pear plant

Dear Roberto,
We thank you for contacting us about your work through the Expert's section of.
Your e-mail does not specify the type of information you need regarding the Pear Tree, of which the Variety does not even indicate, so we hope to be satisfied with this general information.
Pero (Pyrus comunis) belongs to the Rosaceae family, it is an arboreal plant of great importance cultivated in various Italian areas, and is believed to originate from Asia. It prefers a cool temperate climate, avoiding both cold temperatures and high summer temperatures and drought.
However, being a potted plant, for ornamental use, the dwarf pear requires all the care and treatment of a tree-like potted plant.
Yours sincerely.


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