Lawn in the shade

Lawn in the shade

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Question: Lawn in the shade

I take this opportunity to tell you that your website is beautiful and that in many crucial moments we help small readers and gardeners and it is precisely for this reason that I am writing to you because for several years in the spring I have to re-seed my little garden , in short I will explain my problem to you.
I have in the center a small garden tiled with stone squares with a space of about 4 cm in which every year I have to re-seed, given that in winter in the most shady area moss and weeds are formed, (the weeds also come in that other, but it would be the least since I patiently uproot them with a little back pain): Kindly I would like to know how to treat the soil before re-seeding and what kind of sowing I have to put, so far I put the dicondra nana in the sunny part and the clover in the shady part. Thanks, I look forward to your kind advice

Lawn in the shade: Answer: Lawn in the shade

Dear Mrs. Lucetta,
Thank you for contacting us about your questions on your lawn via the Expert's address book
The presence of a constant shade in a garden, trees that act as a hedge and some tall trees inside set great limits for the lush success of the lawn.
Below we list the correct ways to make a lawn in a garden located in a shady place.
To make a new turf it is important to follow some basic rules. The first thing to do is to eliminate weeds, the best technique is to totally weed the surface with a non-residual product, then wait about 1 month to allow the herbicide to work in depth, it can work the soil. As a suitable herbicide we recommend the product based on glyphosate which, thanks to its systemic action, reaches the roots of weeds in depth.
The seed to be used in an area that presents a constant shade to the land intended for the lawn must be a mixture of various essences.
Yours sincerely.