Dried jasmine

Question: Jasmine

I wish I could have some information regarding the jasmine plant, I live in northern Italy, consequently in the winter period I sheltered it from the cold, and for the most part it is annoyed, what I would like to know is if I can now prune the dry branches and put it in the open air.
thanks Massimo

Dried jasmine: Answer: Jasmine

Dear Mr. Massimo and Michela,
We thank you for contacting us about the questions about your Jasmine through the Expert's address book.
Jasmines belong to the botanical family of Oleacee and in the genus Jasminum are included numerous species with different aspects: leaves from deciduous to persistent and flowers of various colors. They are widespread throughout the globe in the warm temperate zone and one of the few common characteristics is that of having a sarmentose growth habit and tubular flowers with 5 or more expanded lobes which when opened give off a penetrating and unmistakable fragrance
It is considered rustic with respect to the soil, but it is not as rustic with respect to temperatures and water availability.
The fact that its plant is dried is a symptom of suffering, the plant tolerates low temperatures quite well and it would have been better to leave it outdoors even in winter, perhaps repairing it with a plastic sheet and wetting the soil only if it becomes dry on the surface . Now he can prune the dry branches and put it back in the open air.
Yours sincerely.