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The soil

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The soil is a fundamental part for the vegetative functions of the plants, allowing their feeding, protecting and supporting both the root apparatus and the structure of the plant. The soil is composed of a mixture of granules, derived from the chemical and biological decomposition of organic substances, many of which are in the process of decomposition, which according to common jargon is called humus.
In nature we find various types of soils, used according to the needs of our plants, they are distinguished in:
Clayey, made of clay which, being too compact, makes the soil impermeable, making it too heavy for the development of the roots and not allowing good ventilation and heat transmission.
Sandy, extremely light, they facilitate the circulation of both air and water, preventing the latter from stagnating; It is a soil poor in organic substance as the high permeability subtracts the parts rich in salts and minerals.
calcareous; they are dry soils in which substances of stony and siliceous type are found.
neutral; they have a varied composition and a pH ranging between 6.5 and 7.5.
alkali; they have a pH higher than 7 with a composition rich in lime, generally their coloring is on gray.
acids; very rich in humus they have a pH lower than 7, in these soils there is a formation of moss, ferns and brooms.
On the market it is also possible to find peat, which is rich in organic substances and is widely used in the composition of the various soils, as it contains parts of substances not yet completely decomposed which will complete their cycle after being mixed with the soil .
Even the universal soil, sold in garden centers and supermarkets, is excellent for indoor plants, both for their reclaiming and for the typical seasonal plants.

The soil: Types of soil

In general it can be stated that sandy soils tend to be acidic, while clayey and calcareous alkaline soils; to remedy an excessive acidity lime must be added, while to give more to the alkalinity to the soil you will have to proceed with manure fertilizations.