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Mesembryanthemum - Mesembryanthemum lampranthus

Mesembryanthemum - Mesembryanthemum lampranthus

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The Aizoaceae genus includes a hundred species of semi-classical, succulent, dwarf perennial plants. Very widespread, easy to grow and fast growing. The L. comes from South Africa. It can be grown in flower beds, window sills and rock gardens.

Tips in a nutshell

The flowers: they bloom from May to September, they are similar to flower heads with bright colors and they last a week. The flowers open only if in full sun.
Exposure: it must be bright and sunny, possibly in full sun.
Temperature: in winter it is necessary to avoid that the temperature drops below ten degrees.
Waterings: from the end of March to September they must be scarce, to avoid the excesses of water and to wet when the surface of the compound begins to dry. The soil must be kept almost dry from October to the end of March.
Fertilization: dilute liquid fertilizer in water every two three weeks.


it is sown in spring, at a temperature of twenty degrees, and the seedlings are transplanted when they are about 2.5 cm high.
At the beginning of autumn it is possible to take stem cuttings about five centimeters long, which after one day are planted in pots filled with sand. When they have rooted they are transplanted and kept away from the cold until April.
They are planted in the flowerbeds towards the end of April with the vases so that they can be removed in autumn
The plants become large in a short time and cannot be replanted the following spring.

Soil and pests

Soil: soil suitable for cacti, dry and not very fertile. If the soil is too fertile, the plant produces many leaves and few flowers.
Pests: the floury cochineal produces fluffy spots. Aphids can infest the youngest branches making the plant sticky and sooty.

Mesembryanthemum - Mesembryanthemum lampranthus: Variety

L. Amoenus: high cm.25, diameter cm.30, the leaves are cylindrical, bright green, which turn red in full sun. The flowers are red about 8 cm wide.
L. Aurantuacus: it reaches 45 cm in height and forms a sparse bush with glaucous cylindrical leaves, the flowers are bright orange in color and open from late summer to autumn.
L. Conspicuus: 30 cm tall climber, with triangular section leaves of bright green curved and red at the top. The flowers are purple red.
L. Falcatus: slow-growing plant with twisted branches, large pink flowers bloom in summer.
L. Roseus: high up to 40 cm, the leaves are bright green, tapered, with a triangular section. It produces pink flowers about 4 cm wide
and reddish.


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